This week’s topic, as chosen by The Rajah (age 4), is “Ants.”

1. Read a Fun with Phonics Book called “Learn to Read with Baby Bug,” words by Sue grave and Illustrated by Jan Smith: So happy to be done with this book. He was able to read the words on cue but he’ll have forgotten them tomorrow, I’m sure. At least it’s over.
2. Complete pages 55-56 from Kumon’s “My First Book of Lowercase Letters” (Review): This was a pretty easy worksheet although the ‘u’ was giving him some trouble. May have to consider that in a future lesson plan.
3. Complete pages 31-32 from Kumon’s “Are You Ready for Kindergarten?-Math Skills:He did REALLY well on this worksheet. I was especially proud of how quickly he was able to fill in the missing numbers in the sequences on the back of the page without having to refer to the top bus.
4.Read “Things That are Most in the World” by Judi Barrett and illustrated by John Nickle: This was basically just a silly and fun read that sparked E’s imagination. I really picked it up for bedtime but decided to toss it in this week because it had a snake (last week) and an ant page. He found the book very funny and we had fun thinking of the bluest, windiest, roughest, toughest, strongest, and so on things. I really love the things he thought of and encouraged him to have Daddy read the book and play the “adjective game” with him at bedtime.
5.This is the ONE sunny day forecasted this week so go outside and observe ants!! Tie it in to what we’ve learned and have fun!! I’m so sick of digging for and looking at ants—we’ve been doing this most of the week with our home-made ant’s nest plus it’s a bit breezy and I was cranky from my blood draw. Instead, I had him create an ant page in his science journal. He wrote the word “ant,” drew a picture (with arrows pointing to the important parts), then wrote in the numbers of important parts (body segments, legs, and eyes). He’s really done well this week.

The next few weeks we won’t be having lessons, per se. Tomorrow we will be getting some plants for a new garden endeavor, Sunday we have some fun family plans, and Monday is my wedding anniversary all of which leads us into a very hectic week leading up to a birthday party, dinner with friends, and then Mother’s Day. Then I have a week of doctor’s appointments and we will be prepping for camping. Then we will be camping. And before you know it, Memorial Day Weekend will be here and then it’s June, by which time we should know if he’s been accepted to pre-K and we will be deciding our plans with regards to our foster parenting hiatus.

Holy moly, did things just get crazy.