This week’s topic, as chosen by The Rajah (age 4), is “Ants.”

1. Explore World Book’s Animals of the World “Ants and Other Social Insects” (up to page 34): I didn’t read so much as I explained the pictures in this one. We also had a fantastic time using our fingers on our foreheads as “feelers” (antennae) to touch, taste, and smell things around the kitchen and then our hands clasped as jaws (mandibles) to “chomp” on things like various ants would. We continued to discuss how to recognize ants by their size, their three body parts, and their six legs. I also explained why ants can be good garden bugs (we are currently waging war on some earwigs and Japanese beetles so I feel like it’s important to explain the difference about which bugs we do/don’t allow in the garden).
Complete page 196 from School Zone “Big Preschool Book” (Bigger Bugs): Not much of a challenge. He also completed the “same size” worksheet on the back of the page.
3. Read a Fun with Phonics Book called “Learn to Read with Baby Bug,” words by Sue grave and Illustrated by Jan Smith: While we still dislike this book, the word recognition seems to have gotten better…or his memorization has. Either way, we only have one more day of this book.
4. Complete pages 11-12 from Kumon’s “Are You Ready for Kindergarten?-Verbal Skills” (Uppercase A-B): He completed these with little trouble. He even tried to read “bag” as “bug” so we had that discussion…and I had to give myself a moment after being so happy about our progress in item #3.
5. Complete pages 69-70 from Kumon’s “My First Book of Uppercase Letters” (Review): As he traced the letters I asked him to think of words that started with the letter he was tracing. My favorite was ‘R’ which he answered, “like what pirates say.” He is also prone to get really excited and give me a word with the letter IN it—like “art” or “orange” for ‘R.’ Finally, he came up with our dogs name, so that was good. The rest of the letters weren’t too hard but that ‘R,’ man…tricky stuff.

We then went outside in a fruitless pursuit of anthills. It could be that it has rained for four days or that we have ants that don’t “hill” but our search was pretty pointless. We collected a few new ants, lots of earthworms for the vegetable garden, and killed a ton of beetles, slugs, and earwigs. The good thing about nature in your backyard can also be the very gross thing about having nature in your backyard, I guess.

I also beheaded a cricket (on purpose) to offer as food for our ants—still not sure WHAT they eat (honey, leaves, seeds, berries, or dead insects)—and it’s creeping me out that his legs are STILL moving. He had no magic fairy or puppet sidekick, I SWEAR. And it was for SCIENCE. Yikes, I’m terrified I’m racking up terrible karma for this. *off to sage the house*