This week’s topic, as chosen by The Rajah (age 4), is “Ants.”

Read and/or explore the National Geographic for Kids (Level 1) Book “Ants” by Melissa Stewart: We read this one but it’s been a rainy day and I was able to get so many chores done by letting him veg in front of Nick Jr. so I REALLY should have done school earlier. He definitely wasn’t at his peak as far as interest. He stuck with it though and humored me, at least. He also enjoyed putting his hand on his head and using his fingers as “feelers” ala ants.
2. Complete pages 1-2 from School Zone’s “Preschool Uppercase Alphabet” Book (A-B): He did these no problem. His capital ‘A’s are always huge and flat tent-like letters so I’m hoping to get them under control—I guess we’ll see how that goes. His ‘B’s were pretty good.
3. Read a Fun with Phonics Book called “Learn to Read with Baby Bug,” words by Sue grave and Illustrated by Jan Smith (start with me doing reading and work to E being able to read it himself by Friday): Again, we had some attention span issues and I’m not sure he quite understands rhyming and phonetics the way I’m trying to teach it—or maybe it’s just too soon?
4. Complete page 224 from Mead “Preschool Workbook” (I can rhyme!): He did the worksheet but needed a lot of help. I had him do page 223 as well which asked him to find the rhyming word for a word like ‘snake.’ He’d find the word based not on the *sound* but on the spelling of the words (printed under the objects). House, mouse, and frog confused him because “they all have ‘o’s in them.” I had to verbally coach him through that one more times than I felt like I should have. Hrm. I asked him to color the worksheet just to give us both a brain break before the number exercise. He did a REALLY good job on the house.
5. Complete pages 39-40 from Kumon’s “My Book of Numbers 1-30” (How Many? 1-10): He was pretty over this one about half-way through because he has some difficulties writing twos and sixes and he tends to flip fours and nines. By the end, though, he was SUPER proud of completing the task. So was I.

So lessons to take away from today (since tomorrow will be rainy too): do school BEFORE lunch and be a tad more patient. We get to make ants on a log for snack (celery, peanut butter, and raisins) so hopefully that’ll help make school a bit more fun for the both of us.