This week’s topic, as chosen by The Rajah (age 4), is “Sports.”

*Yes, I am aware that this is technically Sunday but we switched some days around due to family obligations and the 5K/100 yard dash on Saturday so we JUST got caught up on Day Four of sports week*

DAY FOUR: Bowling/Triangles
1. Discuss the basics of bowling and the relevance of the triangle to bowling (pins are shaped into a triangle to be knocked down) while E completes a coloring sheet from a Jumbo Coloring and Activity Pad: E has actually been bowling before so he had a basic idea of what it was all about. When he saw the mouse bowling he reminded me of the “other bowling game” which, through a painful Q&A session, I finally determined he meant skee-ball. I was actually sort of impressed he made the connection because he hates Chuck E. Cheese, which is the only place we’ve played the game (which I love).
Complete a worksheet from a Jumbo Coloring and Activity Pad (filling in a missing number): He enjoyed the challenge of this type of worksheet again (he completed one similar early on in the week). This time he had no trouble with the “4” but the “6” gave him some trouble.
3. Complete page 25 of the Crayola Creative Basics “Shapes” book (drawing and coloring to complete a shape pattern): Another easy one for him today.
4. Complete pages 47-48 of the Mead “Preschool Workbook” (shape sorting-cutting and pasting skills): He did all four shapes (circle, square, rectangle and triangle) and did a really great job. My favorite part of this activity had to do with one of the “square” objects which was hard to identify. E and I went back and forth guessing what it may have been (a carpet, a tile, a present, a picture, a potholder, etc.) but my favorite answer of his was “the box for the cookies (that were circles).”
5. Play bowling using a play set E owns: E has this noisy 6-pin bowling set that we got from who-knows-where but it’s fun to hurl the ball and hear the pins chatter and giggle (and cheer if you get a “strike). I tried to play along but after a while it was obvious E just wanted to try and drop the ball directly on the pins and cause as much chaos and noise as possible so I let him go at that for a while. He did get a legitimate strike at one point though which is the picture I posted.

Today I needed to get some lesson planning done for this week (“Snakes”) so E played with some simple math puzzle tiles until I finished my draft and then we watched “Zathura.” He’s now out in the sunshine with Daddy while I do this and recover from a non-stop week that’s about to bleed into another. Whew! At least I got this sports-stuff finished!