2013: 100/365

So today I started this (apparently) insanely popular meme thing which asked you to describe your adventures in parenting in six words or less. I said “they gave us a baby” (that’s only five, I know, Mel, hence the “or less” clause) because, honestly, for the first year or so the Hubs and I had a really difficult time believing that the government, knowing every single thing that there was to know about us—down to our prescription pills and debt load—would give us a baby.

That’s just one of the wacky joys of being a foster-to-adopt parent, I guess.  Granted, the inflection changes from day to day depending on the story we’re telling:

-THEY gave us a baby (those silly social service workers);

-They GAVE us a baby (seriously, so many kids need homes that they’re giving them away);

-They gave US a baby (have you met us?! I mean, really?!);

-They gave us A baby (maybe we can get another—they already gave us one, right?);

-They gave us a BABY (no, really, we just walked out of a building free and clear with a seven-month-old kid). 

So, yes, that’s how this adventure goes. April 28th makes 3 years that he’s been our “official” offspring but he’s been our son since September 1, 2009, when the foster care office, child protective services, and other child welfare workers chose us from 4 other prospective families. 

By, the way, I LOVE reading all of the other stories coming across my dash. Some of you may have heard that I’m in cahoots with several other bloggers on a new project so expect some of my favorites to make their debut in my first official post there. Hope to see you on the other site…details soon.