2013: 97/365

Today’s birthday party was the cherry on top of my weekend, both because it was the sweetest way to top it off and because it has finished off what little bit of energy I have left. Seriously, why does 9 p.m. suddenly seem SO late? I’m obviously too darn old to party as hard as the preschool set these days.

But all those little girls in pink and sparkles? *SQUEE* Watching my littlest niece go to sleep on the husband’s chest while taking a bottle? Absolutely adorable. I contemplated the thought of a daughter for about 12.8 minutes before I thought about One Direction and tampons and was uber-grateful for Hot Wheels and stinky feet. I also had NO idea how much merchandise you could plaster a white cat and pink bow on—that shizz is insane with a capital CA-razy.

*yawn* Time for bed and hopefully some catch-up with you all tomorrow. I miss your faces.