2013: 41/365

Great party AND “The Walking Dead” comes back? Woo-hoo! I’ve also had Auntie K all weekend and was surrounded by my favorite friends and family today and life just feels really good right now.

Tomorrow we will be back to home schooling but it will be a fast and loose curriculum—to help ease E back into things, to get used to our new school room, and to accommodate the FOUR doctor’s appointments this week. Yep, pediatrician tomorrow, GI and nuero Wednesday, and oncologist on Thursday.

I chose “the human body” as our topic. We have tons of Sid the Science kid episodes that we can use, as well as working on the word “body.” Today, E got a super cool human body book and the game “Operation” to help spice up our week. I’ll keep all you home schoolers posted on our activities and post a weekly wrap-up (feel free to affirm if you’d be interested).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great week!